6 Effective Exercises You Can Do Alone

We all want to be healthy and look (and feel) our best but many of us just don’t have the time, patience, or funds to keep up with the gym – especially during these trying times. Luckily, a gym, partner, or even equipment isn’t necessarily needed to get a decent and effective workout. Here are 6 sure-fire effective exercises that you can do alone, in the comfort of your own home, and they actually work, too!

Low-Intensity Cardio:

Cardio is one of the best and most effective ways of losing or maintaining weight. Not only does it get your heart pumping and your blood flowing, but it is also incredibly easy to do. You don’t have to start at the top either, you can begin with low-intensity cardio and gradually increase in difficulty. Low-intensity cardio can be walking, swimming, jogging, etc.