How You Can Stay Healthy While Working A Desk Job

Staying healthy while working a desk job might be a bit challenging without any supportive guide. Mainly, if you sit at a desk for 10, 8, 12+ hours, this article is meant to help you. Remember, lack of physical activities might cause health problems such as diabetes, colon cancer, heart disease, etc.

Generally, desk jobs are growing and getting more popular day by day in this modern life and it hard for us to stay fit when we sit the whole day. Luckily, I have reviewed the top-rated ways on how to stay healthy while working a desk job for you.

1. Skip elevators and preferably take stairs

Do you think you walk 10,000 steps in a day? The experts recommend that 10,000 steps are the best amount for healthy adults to take. Besides, this might be a bit difficult for us who take desk jobs. Therefore, consider skipping elevators by taking stairs. Take the long way while heading to your office, park far away from your office, and find some other additional steps to walk before the day ends.

2. Take hourly breaks

The hours we work at the desk may take a toll on our bodies. But taking breaks will help to improve focus and the entire performance. Essentially, take short breaks to avoid feeling physically and mentally drained after work.

3. Schedule your weekly fitness sessions

Commendably, we can maintain our healthy workout schedule with only a 30-minute workout. Besides, this benefit goes corresponding beyond weight loss. Better cholesterol, reduced heart disease risk, and improving heart function are among cardio exercise benefits.

4. Move-in place or stretch.

Stretching at our desks is useful since it will eliminate stress and tiredness. Further, it also offers a lot of health benefits to our bodies.

5. Schedule your meals

Besides, the schedule at work might be hectic, and the calendar may get pretty full. However, consider putting your lunchtime on the specific calendar and also block it off. Too much time in your schedule might dictate unhealthy eating habits. In this case, unless someone makes it a priority and gets time to eat, still schedule a time it is a bit difficult. However, it is useful to schedule your meals, ensuring you maintain a healthy diet.

6. Pace. Walk when you’re on calls.

Phone calls and conference calls are an essential aspect of many corporates in today’s technology. Thus, grab this opportunity, get up from your desk and walk around, stretch, Move. This is your best 20 to 30 minutes of walking every day unless you take notes from your calls.

7. Use your lunch break.

Making the habits of eating at our desk might lead to several health problems. However, take your lunch break and have a mental break. Move outside and take a stroll around the working environment.

8. Sometimes Work while standing up.

Sitting for long hours is bad for our health. The American Medical Association requested employers to allow the employees to stand up while working in their recommendations. Consider standing up for even 30 to 50 minutes at your desk.

9. Drink more water

Stay young, lose weight and get smarter. These are among the 12 facts about drinking plenty of water.


As a result, take the above measures to make your health is not severely compromised while working at a desk job.