Reasons You Should Start Cycling Instead Of Running

If running is not your sport then you are going to want to keep reading. Running is not needed for weight loss. There are plenty of other cardio activities that can be used in place of running. There is a great exercise that will get the heart going. Cycling is a great alternative to running. While they may be similar cycling is a better exercise. Running may be easier to begin but cycling is the better option.

Fewer Injuries

There are risks to all forms of exercise. Running has more incidents of injury than cycling. Some runners have shin injuries and pull their hamstrings. There are others that have knee problems. Cycling is low impact and will help make the knees and the leg muscle stronger. The strain is much less. Running puts more stress on the body and cycling in low impact. A person should still watch what they do but in general, there are fewer injuries when cycling.


Running does burn a higher amount of calories an hour. Most people can pedal on the cycle longer than they can run. If a person is trying to lose weight they are not going to be running fast for a long time. This is due to gravity. When running the body weight is lifted off the ground to move forward. The body then comes back down and has to work with the impact on the ground. This makes it hard to run five miles. Running is not easy for people that are overweight. The extra weight tends to slow them down. Cycling is not as impacted by gravity. When cycling on a flat surface it is easier to keep going and burn more calories.


It is easier to ride a bike to work than to run to work. If a person lives in a city biking is a great way to get around. It is much more efficient than using public transportation. Running will help a person get around while allowing them to work out. It will take care of two tasks at one time. Biking can also help a person avoid traffic which is another bonus.


There are many options when it comes to cycling. A person can put their spin on it. They can ride on the road. If a person is looking for more adventure they can go downhill. For each place a person goes cycling they will need to learn new skills and work out a new fitness plan. Running does have some changes but not as many as cycling.

The Fun

While this can go off of preference cycling is often a lot more fun than running. Cycling will allow a person to look at and enjoy the world around them. It is easy to get into the habit of cycling and enjoying the outdoors. Running can feel more like a task and it is easier for most people to give up.