The Gut Health Trends You Need To Get On

Diet and healthy culture has significantly changed over the years. The shift from losing weight, being skinny, to achieving your goal the soonest possible has changed. People are now focusing on living healthier lives, which started with eating heart-healthy foods, healthy fats, whole grains, and dark grains.

The transition landed us on superfoods and diets with various healthier options. Healthier and heartier foods have overshadowed the older diet culture as many people are eating what is right for their bodies. Healthy fueling and feeding have recently progressed to health fads and food for the gut. The microbiome is now the center of what we eat and boosts the efficiency at which nutrients are absorbed into our bodies. 

From fermentation to plants and herbs, here are gut health trends that you need to get on.

1. Plants

One of the most significant ways to improve gut health is by eating naturally grown ingredients like vegetables, beans, and nuts. Interesting, natural ingredients come in varieties and are very easy to add to your diet. You can just mix them with whatever you’re eating or put them in smoothies. 

People who consume more plants of different types have fewer harmful bacteria and, most importantly, have better microbial diversity in their gut. Different plants have different nutrients and, therefore, enhance gut health differently. Even so, all that matters is diversity. 

2. Fermentation

Fermented foods, including yogurt, kombucha, and kimchi, are recently appearing in almost any serving, thanks to their ability to augment gut health. These foods are rich in probiotics and help to create a healthy lining in our stomachs. The link between fermented foods and the protective lining joins the ideal of beneficial bacteria and microbes, which then connects to a healthy immune system. 

Another fermented food that helps your immune system respond to bacteria is Kefir. Kefir is similar to bacteria. 

Generally, eating fermented foods translating to a healthy, happy gut because these foods contain many probiotics.

3. Carminatives

Carminatives are food types that relieve gas while boosting digestion. The most common carminatives include; ginger, mint, nutmeg, fennel, cardamom, and cumin. 

Besides being a flavorsome ingredient, ginger is used by many people for its medicinal properties. It soothes the stomach and can help improve nausea and oatmeal coats. Peppermint leaf or oil are used to treat eating disorders because it relaxes stomach muscles. 

Cardamom also boasts of medicinal properties. The fact that it helps in the digestion of black beans explains the association between black beans and cardamom. 

We like adding ginger and fennel to tea. The two ingredients help to soothe the stomach while being a calm feeling within the gut. If you to be like us, you can simply add ginger root and fennel seeds into hot water and let the mix sit. Next, pour bits into a cup, then add freshly boiled water and voila for a healthy gut.